Étiquette : decentralisation

bitcoin project syndicate

“Now that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have plummeted from last year’s absurdly high valuations, the techno-utopian mystique of so-called distributed-ledger technologies should be next. The promise to cure the world’s ills through « decentralization » was just a ruse to separate retail investors from their hard-earned real money.”

Source : The Big Blockchain Lie by Nouriel Roubini – Project Syndicate


“Solid is guided by the principle of “personal empowerment through data” which we believe is fundamental to the success of the next era of the web. We believe data should empower each of us. Imagine if all your current apps talked to each other, collaborating and conceiving ways to enrich and streamline your personal life and business objectives? That’s the kind of innovation, intelligence and creativity Solid apps will generate. With Solid, you will have far more personal agency over data – you decide which apps can access it.” – Tim Berners-Lee

Source : One Small Step for the Web… — Inrupt

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