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An Inconvenient Truth About AI

A chart of Milestones in AI from 1950 to 2020.

“Regardless of what you might think about AI, the reality is that just about every successful deployment has either one of two expedients: It has a person somewhere in the loop, or the cost of failure, should the system blunder, is very low. In 2002, iRobot, a company that I cofounded, introduced the first mass-market autonomous home-cleaning robot, the Roomba, at a price that severely constricted how much AI we could endow it with. The limited AI wasn’t a problem, though. Our worst failure scenarios had the Roomba missing a patch of floor and failing to pick up a dustball.”

Source : An Inconvenient Truth About AI


“100% of captchas are solved by human workers from around the world. This is why by using our service you help thousands of people to feed themselves and their families. An average worker makes about $100 per month which is a very good salary in such countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam and others. With your help they now have a choice between working in polluted industries and working in front of a computer.”

Source : Anti Captcha: captcha solving service. Bypass reCAPTCHA, FunCaptcha, image captcha.

Russian man visited Chinese click farm.They make fake ratings for mobile apps and things like this.He said they have 10,000 more phones.

Machine Learning (ML) is a fast-moving, competitive field. As important as good algorithms are to ML, the state-of-the-art algorithms are reliably available. Compute clusters are also an important ingredient, and they too are easy to access (especially using services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs). What isn’t reliably available are large-scale high quality data sets. The things you need to train your classifiers. That’s where MTurk comes into play.

Source : re:Invent 2016 recap — Machine Learning with Amazon Mechanical Turk


A federal judge said a woman is not entitled to compensation for time spent entering a single Captcha word to verify her identity when opening a Google email account.

Source : Courthouse News Service

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