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Twitter is testing emoji reactions for tweets

“Emoji reactions have been available for years on other services like Facebook, as well as on Twitter itself within direct messages. But what’s interesting about Twitter’s emoji choices for its latest test is that none of them are especially negative. There’s no “Angry face” like you’ll find on Facebook, or “Thumbs down” like in Twitter’s direct message emoji reactions.Twitter explains that it decided against choosing these negative emoji because people it surveyed said “they were concerned about receiving negative reactions to some of their thoughts.” A valid concern given how toxic many conversations on Twitter can be.”

Source : Twitter is testing emoji reactions for tweets – The Verge


“80 to 90 per cent of the predictive assessment was based on the algorithms’ analysis of candidates’ use of language and verbal skills. “There are 350-ish features that we look at in language: do you use passive or active words? Do you talk about ‘I’ or ‘We.’ What is the word choice or sentence length? In doctors, you might expect a good one to use more technical language,” he said. “Then we look at the tone of voice. If someone speaks really slowly, you are probably not going to stay on the phone to buy something from them. If someone speaks at 400 words a minute, people are not going to understand them. Empathy is a piece of that.” The company says the tecnology is different to facial recognition and instead analyses expressions. Facial expressions assessed by the algorithms include brow furrowing, brow raising, eye widening or closing, lip tightening, chin raising and smiling, which are important in sales or other public-facing jobs.”

Source : AI used for first time in job interviews in UK to find best applicants

WTF !!!

“From the moment your LOVOTs arrive, your life will always be filled with a little love.”

Source : LOVOT


“Son véritable secret tient à l’alliance entre l’architecture de ces réseaux et le contenu inflammatoire, sensationnaliste et polémique qu’il y distille. Les études du sociologue Paolo Gerbaudo, de l’université Kings College de Londres, démontrent que ce type de contenus stimule le partage et sa propagation. Or, pour cela, Bolsonaro a un don indéniable : il a même réussi à choquer la fille de Jean-Marie Le Pen ! Le virtuel futur président du Brésil est ouvertement misogyne, homophobe, raciste et défend les exécutions extrajudiciaires, l’utilisation de la torture et l’interdiction des ONG. En somme, il prône la fin de la démocratie libérale et des droits de l’homme.”

Source : Election au Brésil : « Vers une nouvelle victoire des réseaux sociaux sur la démocratie ? »

Facebook’s goal: a universal vocabulary that lets people express emotion as they scroll through their feed. In a sense, Reactions is an adaptation of digital culture in Asia, where messaging apps such as Line and WeChat have already established a complex language of emojis and even more elaborate “stickers.”

Source : Inside Facebook’s Decision to Blow Up the Like Button

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