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Il y a un peu plus de 18 ans…

«We live in an era fundamentally skeptical about self-government. Our age is obsessed with leaving things alone. Let the Internet develop as the coders would develop it, the common view has it. Keep government out.This is an understandable view, given the character of our government’s regulation. Given its flaws, it no doubt seems best simply to keep government away. But this is an indulgence that is dangerous at any time. It is particularly dangerous now» – Lawrence Lessig.

Source : Lawrence Lessig on the increasing regulation of cyberspace | Harvard Magazine

He is a luminary in the world of cyberlaw, a star Harvard professor with a résumé a hundred pages thick, and a sensation on the thought leader circuit. But even though he has raised more than $1 million for his presidential bid, Lawrence Lessig, who is mounting a quixotic campaign for the Democratic nomination, is struggling to get noticed.He was excluded from his party’s first debate on the grounds of weak poll numbers, while many surveys have not bothered to ask voters about him.

Source : Lawrence Lessig’s Presidential Bid Endures in Relative Obscurity – The New York Times

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