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mapping our environment for our health

« Today, with our partners at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Aclima, we’re sharing the first results of an endeavor we started in 2015: to measure air quality using Aclima equipment mounted on Google Street View cars. You can now see maps for Oakland, CA, released by EDF, of nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and black carbon—pollutants emitted from cars, trucks and other sources that can affect our health and our climate ».

Source : Let’s clear the air: mapping our environment for our health

Research published in PLOS One offers a quantitative approach. Using a combination of math and maps, Garrett Dash Nelson, a postdoctoral student in geography at Dartmouth College, and Alasdair Rae, an urban data analyst at the University of Sheffield, solidify the concept of the “megaregion” as an interlocking, yet self-contained, economic zone. They use millions of point-to-point daily commutes—perhaps the best proxy for economic geography there is—to outline at least 35 urban cluster-oids around the U.S. What gets revealed, according to the paper, are a “set of overlapping, interconnected cogs which, working together, constitute the functional economy of the nation.”

Source : U.S. ‘Megaregions’ Revealed Via Commuting Data – CityLab

The Upshot, FiveThirtyEight, Predictwise, etc: their predictions for President varied over the campaign as you’d expect as new data came in, but consistently made Clinton a solid favorite, with a probability of a win topping 70% the day before election day. So what went wrong?

Source : How did the election forecasts get it so wrong?

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