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“We use telemetry from all Mapbox SDKs to improve our map, directions, travel times, and search. We collect anonymous data about how users interact with the map to help developers build better location based applications. Location telemetry is critical to improving the map. We use the data to discover missing roads, determine turn restrictions, build speed profiles, and improve OpenStreetMap.”

Source : Telemetry | Mapbox

The Geotaggers’ World Atlas - Fischer

« Today I’m able to launch the full Geotaggers’ World Atlas covering every city in the world. Thanks to Flickr’s API, it exposes over 10 years of photo locations, and as a web map it lets you explore not just the largest centers of activity but also their context, anywhere on earth » – Eric Fischer.

Voir aussi le même concept avec Twitter (GNIP-Mapbox), nettement moins pertinent pour les pratiques touristiques.

Source : Linking the most interesting places in the world | Mapbox

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