Étiquette : methodology

Hiding isn’t a bug of visualization, it’s a feature. It’s not just fanciful visualizations that do it: their poor cousins, spreadsheets, do it too — with much more impact. My point isn’t to condemn visualization, of course — that would be ridiculous. Every serious decision made anywhere in the world now — in government, business, manufacturing, construction, science, education, civil society, and the military — is fundamentally shaped by visualization. That is why we need to think more seriously about how

Source : How to Lie with Analytics, Ted Byfield – Mozilla Internet Citizen

The internet has become embedded into our daily lives, no longer an esoteric phenomenon, but instead an unremarkable way of carrying out our interactions with one another. Online and offline are interwoven in everyday experience. Using the internet has become accepted as a way of being present in the world, rather than a means of accessing some discrete virtual domain. Ethnographers of these contemporary Internet-infused societies consequently find themselves facing serious methodological dilemmas: where should they go, what should they do there and how can they acquire robust knowledge about what people do in, through and with the internet?

Source : Ethnography for the Internet: Embedded, Embodied and Everyday: Christine Hine: Bloomsbury Academic

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