Étiquette : modelisation

“The team at Oak Ridge says Summit is the first supercomputer designed from the ground up to run AI applications, such as machine learning and neural networks. It has over 27,000 GPU chips from Nvidia, whose products have supercharged plenty of AI applications, and also includes some of IBM’s Power9 chips, which the company launched last year specifically for AI workloads. There’s also an ultrafast communications link for shipping data between these silicon workhorses.
Bob Picciano of IBM says all this allows Summit to run some applications up to 10 times faster than Titan while using only 50 percent more electrical power. Among the AI-related projects slated to run on the new supercomputer is one that will crunch through huge volumes of written reports and medical images to try to identify possible relationships between genes and cancer. Another will try to identify genetic traits that could predispose people to opioid addiction and other afflictions”.

Source : The world’s most powerful supercomputer is tailor made for the AI era – MIT Technology Review

«Derrière la modélisation, s’impose également une vision politique. La modélisation du monde est elle-même un modèle politique : elle suppose souvent que la dynamique de changement doit venir de l’extérieur de la situation plutôt que de la créativité des acteurs impliqués. Au final, la mise en équation de la société repose sur une conception de la société qui ne peut pas faire société».

Source : Peut-on modéliser la société ? | InternetActu.net

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