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“A l’instar des partis politiques, qui utilisent les Big Data issus des réseaux sociaux pour analyser les opinions de leurs concitoyens, nous avons souhaité pour cette présidentielle mettre les outils de la recherche à disposition des citoyens via ce « macroscope politique ». A l’ère du numérique, ce rééquilibrage dans l’utilisation des outils du Big Data est à notre sens indispensable pour préserver un accès démocratique à l’information”.

Source : Le Politoscope | Politoscope

«Porter likes to joke that if people want to discuss something contentious, they should set aside U.S. politics and talk about power laws. But, he says, there’s a good reason these discussions are so fraught. ‘We have these arguments because the problems are hard and interesting’. Clauset sees his work with Broido not as an attack but as a call to action to network scientists, to examine a more diverse set of possible mechanisms and degree distributions than they have been doing. ‘Perhaps we should consider new ideas, as opposed to trying to force old ideas to fit’»

Source : The Theory That Explains the Structure of the Internet – The Atlantic

« October 30th, 2010 marks the day that my sister Amy and I founded Meta on a mission to unlock scientific knowledge and accelerate the pace of discovery. In six years, through the hands and minds of our talented team of engineers and scientists, we figured out how to use artificial intelligence to analyze new scientific knowledge as it’s published – along with the majority of what has been written, throughout modern history. Those efforts have led us to today.I am excited to announce that Meta will be joining the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to bring what we have built to the entire scientific community, toward their goal to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century ».

Source : Meta – AI for Science

Global Language Network

How is the world connected? The Global Language network shows connections among language groups that are expressed in Book Translations, Tweets and Wikipedia edits.

Source : Global Language Network

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