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Trump’s new social media platform found using Mastodon code

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“As far as personal feelings are concerned, of course we would prefer if people so antithetical to our values did not use and benefit from our labour, but the reality of working on free software is that you give up the possibility of choosing who can and cannot use it from the get-go, so in a practical sense the only issue we can take with something like Truth Social is if they don’t even comply with the free software license we release our work under. On Oct 26, we sent a formal letter to Truth Social’s chief legal officer, requesting the source code to be made publicly available in compliance with the license. According to AGPLv3, after being notified by the copyright holder, Truth Social has 30 days to comply or the license may be permanently revoked.”

Source : Trump’s new social media platform found using Mastodon code: Our statement – Official Mastodon Blog

Decentralize the Internet

«Finding the killer apps of the decentralized internet will take more time, people, and money than have been thrown at the problem so far. Pakman says that societal attitudes to power and big tech companies appear to be in the right place to deliver them. ‘There’s massive distrust in centralized everything,’ he says. ‘We don’t trust the government, don’t go to church or synagogue, don’t trust banks and now we no longer trust tech companies.’»

Source : The Decentralized Internet Is Here, With Some Glitches | WIRED

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