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“Pornhub last night purged millions of user-uploaded videos from its platform amid allegations that it was hosting content featuring child sexual exploitation, nonconsensual violence, rape, and other unlawful material. « As part of our policy to ban unverified uploaders, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program, » Pornhub said in a company blog post, as first reported by Vice. The purge appears to have hit almost 9 million of the 13.5 million videos on Pornhub as of Sunday, or nearly two-thirds of all the content hosted on the site.”

Source : Millions of videos purged from Pornhub amid crackdown on user content | Ars Technica

«InRangeTV makes instructional and promotional gun videos. Following the ban, the vloggers decided to post their content on Pornhub instead.  « InRangeTV is excited to be joining a group of content creators who are truly open and non-judgmental when it comes to potentially controversial content, » the vloggers Tweeted of their new internet home».

Source : After YouTube ban, gun vloggers find a new home on Pornhub

PornHub Machine learning

«In (very, very unpublishable) clips shared with Engadget, the system was able to identify both the names of the performers in a scene, and what they were doing. Tags such as « blowjob, » « doggy, » « cowgirl, » and « missionary » floated on screen with the corresponding action. The system is also capable of, for instance, identifying blonde performers and adding the requisite tags».

Source : Pornhub is improving search with an AI porn addict

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