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«Sommes-nous en train de devenir des acteurs de notre propre vie ? Oui, acteurs au sens de la scène. Ce qui veut dire souvent de moins en moins acteurs au sens agissant ou ayant prise sur. Car plus nous apprenons qu’il faut plus faire savoir que savoir faire, plus nous devenons captifs de cette mise en scène. Sans oublier que cela demande beaucoup de travail, de constance, de mobilisation, pour seulement maintenir une image, une réputation».

Source : Dominique Boullier: « Que visons-nous si ce n’est à capter de l’attention? » – Le Courrier Picard

In Liquid Love Zygmunt Bauman argued that the solidity and security once provided by life-long partnerships has been ‘liquefied’ by rampant individualisation and technological change. He believes internet dating is symptomatic of social and technological change that transforms modern courtship into a type of commodified game. This article explores the experiences of users of digital dating and hook-up applications (or ‘apps’) in order to assess the extent to which a digital transformation of intimacy might be under way. It examines the different affordances provided by dating apps, and whether users feel the technology has influenced their sexual practices and views on long-term relationships, monogamy and other romantic ideals. This study shows that dating apps are intermediaries through which individuals engage in strategic performances in pursuit of love, sex and intimacy. Ultimately, this article contends that some accounts of dating apps and modern romantic practices are too pessimistic, and downplay the positives of ‘networked intimacy’.

Source : Liquid love? Dating apps, sex, relationships and the digital transformation of intimacy

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