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Intrinsic – X, the moonshot factory

“What if robots could be as easy to use as computers are today? The Intrinsic team has been developing software and AI tools that use sensor data from a robot’s environment so that it can sense, learn from, and quickly adapt to the real world. The team hopes that by making industrial robots easier to use, they can enable people to make products and build businesses that we can only just begin to imagine.”

Source : Intrinsic – X, the moonshot factory

«Atlas is the latest in a line of advanced humanoid robots we are developing.  Atlas’ control system coordinates motions of the arms, torso and legs to achieve whole-body mobile manipulation, greatly expanding its reach and workspace.  Atlas’ ability to balance while performing tasks allows it to work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint».

Source : Atlas | Boston Dynamics

« Racheté l’an passé par un autre géant, chinois cette fois-ci, pour 4,5 milliards de dollars, l’Allemand est désormais attendu par son nouveau propriétaire dans les foyers. Midea, l’acheteur de l’équipementier, est une firme asiatique d’électroménager et elle souhaite en effet mettre les technologies en question à contribution pour construire des robots domestiques ».

4 fois moins cher que Whatsappp…

Source : Après avoir conquis la robotique industrielle, Kuka lorgne du côté des robots domestiques – Business – Numerama

« There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better. I want to be clear. These are not things I wish will happen; these are things I think probably will happen. And if my assessment is correct and they probably will happen, than we have to think about what are we going to do about it? I think some kind of universal basic income is going to be necessary. The output of goods and services will be extremely high. With automation there will come abundance. Almost everything will get very cheap. I think we’ll end up doing universal basic income. It’s going to be necessary ». – Elon Musk

Source : Elon Musk says automation will make a universal basic income necessary soon

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