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«We’ve been able to make rapid progress because our driver — Waymo’s self-driving technology — is not only experienced, but adaptable. Our self-driving trucks use the same suite of custom-built sensors that power our self-driving minivan. They benefit from the same advanced self-driving software that has enabled our cars to go fully driverless in Arizona. And our engineers and AI experts are leveraging the same five million miles we’ve already self-driven on public roads, plus the five billion miles we’ve driven in simulation. In short, our near-decade of experience with passenger vehicles has given us a head start in trucking».

Source : Same driver, different vehicle: Bringing Waymo self-driving technology to trucks

«Le Conseil des Etats a refusé d’assouplir une ordonnance sur le rayonnement émis par les antennes de téléphonie mobile, compromettant le lancement, en 2020, de la 5G. Les opérateurs télécoms sont furieux, mais les milieux de la santé demandent d’être prudents»

Source : Le virage numérique suisse est menacé – Le Temps

The trunk of a self-driving Ford Fusion

«Everything the vehicle “sees” with its sensors, all of the images, mapping data, and audio material picked up by its cameras, needs to be processed by giant PCs in order for the vehicle to make split-second decisions. All this processing must be done with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety. This is why so many self-driving operators prefer SUVs, minivans, and other large wheelbase vehicles: autonomous cars need enormous space in the trunk for their big “brains.”. But Nvidia claims to have shrunk down its GPU, making it an easier fit for production vehicles».

Source : Nvidia says its new supercomputer will enable the highest level of automated driving – The Verge

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