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“A former Yahoo software engineer has pleaded guilty to improperly accessing the accounts of around 6,000 Yahoo users in search of nude photos and videos. The news, outlined in a press release from the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California, says programmer Reyes Daniel Ruiz used his privileges at Yahoo to crack user passwords and access the accounts of primarily younger women, including friends and co-workers.”

Source : Former Yahoo engineer pleads guilty to searching 6,000 user accounts for nudes – The Verge

When Mayer joined Yahoo more than three years ago, it was seen as a star athlete improbably joining a losing team. People were surprised, impressed, and inspired. Surely Mayer—who played an instrumental role in Google’s ascent—could shake things up at Yahoo, they thought.But for many, likely complex reasons, that hasn’t happened.

Source : Is Marissa Mayer to blame for Yahoo’s failed comeback? – Quartz

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