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“Le 13 novembre 2018, la Commission de la concurrence a ouvert une enquête contre plusieurs instituts financiers suisses. L’objet de la procédure concerne des soupçons de boycott des solutions de paiement mobile d’offreurs internationaux comme Apple Pay et Samsung Pay.”

Source : La Comco ouvre une enquête contre des instituts financiers suisses

Tim Cook - RGPD

“Modern technology has led to the creation of a “data-industrial complex” in which private and everyday information is “weaponized against us with military efficiency. Platforms and algorithms that promised to improve our lives can actually magnify our worst human tendencies. Rogue actors and even governments have taken advantage of user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence, and even undermine our shared sense of what is true and what is false. This crisis is real. It is not imagined, or exaggerated, or crazy.” – Tim Cook

Source : Tim Cook data privacy speech: Apple CEO calls for comprehensive data laws in America – The Verge

“When we use data to create better experiences for you, we work hard to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your privacy. One example is our pioneering use of Differential Privacy, where we scramble your data and combine it with the data of millions of others. So we see general patterns, rather than specifics that could be traced back to you. These patterns help us identify things like the most popular emoji, the best QuickType suggestions, and energy consumption rates in Safari.”

Source : Privacy – Apple

“Collectively, the Big Five tech firms — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — lost $172 billion in value over the span of a few hours on Wednesday, amid a broad slump in the market. That’s about the same amount as Toyota’s entire market capitalization — and it’s equivalent to the dollar value of the entire gross domestic product of Algeria. In terms of value lost, Amazon was the big loser of the group. Its shares fell 6% on Wednesday, vaporizing $56 billion of its market capitalization. Apple was next; it lost nearly $51 billion on a 4.6% fall — an amount $6 billion greater than the entire value of General Motors”.

Source : Tech gets demolished: The 5 hottest tech stocks just lost $172 billion in market value

“Et Apple alors ? Eh bien Apple ne conserve pas vos conversations. Elles sont traitées et supprimées. Cela signifie que vous n’avez pas d’historique”.

Source : Google Home, Amazon Echo : comment effacer tout ce que vous avez dit à votre assistant personnel – Tech – Numerama

“An idle Android device communicates with Google nearly 10 times more frequently as an Apple device communicates with Apple servers. These results highlighted the fact that Android and Chrome platforms are critical vehicles for Google’s data collection.  Again, these experiments were done on stationary phones with no user interactions. If you actually use your phone the information collection increases with Google”.
“In fact, location information constituted 35 percent of all the data samples sent to Google”.

Source : Google Data Collection research – Digital Content Next

“The spike in popularity comes after a number of major platforms dropped Infowars this week on the grounds that the show’s conspiracy theories violate community guidelines. Yesterday, Apple pulled five of Jones’ six Infowars-branded podcasts from its Podcasts app. Since then, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and others have all taken steps to remove Jones’ content from their platforms. Previously, the Alex Jones Channel had more than 2.5 million subscribers.
Following these removals, the Infowars app was flooded with five-star reviews championing the idea of free speech, with titles like “Infowars WILL NOT be silenced.””

Source : Apple and Google haven’t banned Infowars apps, and their downloads are booming – The Verge

“Once a user clicks OK, developers can download the information the user keeps about everyone in their address book. That might include not only names and phone numbers, but other data such as birth dates, home and work addresses. If people attached a photo to their friends’ profiles, the developers get that, too. The app-maker can also learn when a contact entry was created and edited, giving clues on the accuracy of the phone number, and whether this is a new or old acquaintance”.

Source : Apple Tries to Stop Developers Sharing Data on Users’ Friends – Bloomberg

“ « We’ve never been in the data business », Apple CEO Tim Cook told NPR on Monday, responding to a report that Facebook struck agreements giving Apple and other device makers access to Facebook users’ personal information”.

Source : Apple Requested ‘Zero’ Personal Data In Deals With Facebook, CEO Tim Cook Says : NPR

“Ces mises à jour sont conformes au règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD) de l’Union européenne et reflètent la vision globale d’Apple concernant la confidentialité. Nous sommes impatients de proposer ces mises à jour à nos clients en Europe et dans le monde entier”.

Source : Confidentialité – Notre approche de la confidentialité – Apple (FR)

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