“Here are the factors that Tesla will be tracking to determine your safety rating:

  1. ABS Activation – Number of times ABS is activated Hours Driven – Average daily driving time Forced Autopilot
  2. Disengagements – Number of times Autopilot is disabled due to ignored alerts Forward Collision
  3. Warnings – Number of times car detects a potential forward collision
  4. Unsafe Following Time – Portion of time spent at an unsafe following distance
  5. Intensity of Acceleration and Braking – Speed variance due to extreme acceleration and braking. Shown on a scale from 0-10 as measured against Tesla’s internal fleet.

This score is going to affect your premium by up to 50% on a monthly basis – meaning that it can increase or lower your insurance cost depending on how you drive.”

Source : Tesla is working on driver ‘safety rating’ based on driving behaviors and Autopilot use to affect insurance cost – Electrek