• First, unlike other providers, ProtonMail does fight on behalf of users. Few people know this (it’s in our transparency report), but we actually fought over 700 cases in 2020 alone, which is a huge amount. This particular case however could not be fought.
  • Second, ProtonMail is one of the only email providers that provides a Tor onion site for anonymous access. This allows users to connect to ProtonMail through the Tor anonymity network. You can find more information here: protonmail.com/tor
  • Third, no matter what service you use, unless it is based 15 miles offshore in international waters, the company will have to comply with the law. This case does illustrate one benefit of ProtonMail’s Swiss jurisdiction, as no less than 3 authorities in 2 countries were required to approve the request, which is a much higher bar than most other jurisdictions. Under Swiss law, it is also obligatory for the suspect to be notified that their data was requested.

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