“Mozilla today released its annual “State of Mozilla” report and for the most part, the news here is positive. Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit side of the overall Mozilla organization, generated $585 million from its search partnerships, subscriptions and ad revenue in 2021 — up 25% from the year before. And while Mozilla continues to mostly rely on its search partnerships, revenue from its new products like the Mozilla VPN, Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Plus, Pocket and others now accounts for $57 million of its revenue, up 125% compared to the previous year. For the most part, that’s driven by ads on the New Tab in Firefox and in Pocket, but the security products now also have an annual revenue of $4 million.With the launch of this year’s report, the Mozilla leadership team is also taking some time to look ahead, because in many ways, this is an inflection point for Mozilla.”

Source : Mozilla looks to its next chapter | TechCrunch