“As humans, we often pause during conversation to gather our thoughts, or emphasize a point, and identifying those cues is incredibly hard for an AI. This new CSR engine is capable of adjusting to those common natural pauses and hesitation—enabling more flowing, natural conversation. Finally, generative AI has enabled us to enhance our text-to-speech technology, using a large transformer model to make Alexa much more expressive and attuned to conversational cues. What this means is that Alexa will adapt to your cues and modulate its response and tone akin to human conversations. Ask Alexa if your team won, and it will respond in a joyful voice if so; if they lost, the response is more empathetic. Ask Alexa for an opinion, and the response will be more enthusiastic, as it would if a friend was sharing a point of view.”

Source : Amazon previews the future of Alexa with generative AI