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The iPhone 11’s U1 chip necessitates constant geolocation checks

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“ Ultra-wideband technology is an industry-standard technology and is subject to international regulatory requirements that require it to be turned off in certain locations… iOS uses Location Services to help determine if iPhone is in these prohibited locations in order to disable ultra-wideband and comply with regulations… The management of ultra-wideband compliance and its use of location data is done entirely on the device, and Apple is not collecting user location data. When Apple introduced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro this fall, it included a new chip called the U1 that enables ultra-wideband (UWB) for locating other devices in immediate proximity. Presently, it is only used for the phone’s AirDrop file-sharing feature, but it is expected to be used for other features such as augmented reality and the company’s rumored upcoming Tile competitor in the future. The brief flash of controversy on Twitter and tech blogs over this issue illustrates the challenges Apple faces with its privacy-oriente”

Source : The iPhone 11’s U1 chip necessitates constant geolocation checks, Apple says | Ars Technica

iOS Forensics

“One company specialising in mobile forensics is telling investigators not to even look at phones with Face ID, because they might accidentally trigger this mechanism. “iPhone X: don’t look at the screen, or else… The same thing will occur as happened on Apple’s event,” the slide, from forensics company Elcomsoft, reads. Motherboard obtained the presentation from a non-Elcomsoft source, and the company subsequently confirmed its veracity.”

Source : Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out – Motherboard

«Jusqu’à mardi dernier, l’iPhone X était un smartphone en sursis, un échec ambulant. Les analystes lui promettaient mille morts, mille descentes aux enfers. La lente agonie du produit raté qu’on attendait au firmament.Puis Apple a annoncé ses résultats financiers et le flop est devenu une bête de compétition, un tueur de marché, l’alpha dominant. Selon Apple, il a en effet survolé les ventes hebdomadaires de tout le premier trimestre 2018. Mieux, il est non seulement l’iPhone le plus vendu… mais aussi le smartphone le plus vendu».

Source : Apple écrase le marché des smartphones… mais c’est un triomphe en demi-teinte

NTT Docomo has said it was implemented « to prevent secret filming or other privacy issues. » A SoftBank spokesman gave me a similar answer: « When we first offered camera phones and the ‘sha-mail’ service around 2000, we requested that manufacturers make the shutter sound compulsory, even on manner mode. »

Source : Japan’s noisy iPhone problem

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