Étiquette : nudge


“A pop-up would appear, asking about a patient’s level of pain. Then, a drop-down menu would list treatments ranging from a referral to a pain specialist to a prescription for an opioid painkiller. Click a button, and the program would create a treatment plan. From 2016 to spring 2019, the alert went off about 230 million times. The tool existed thanks to a secret deal. Its maker, a software company called Practice Fusion, was paid by a major opioid manufacturer to design it in an effort to boost prescriptions for addictive pain pills — even though overdose deaths had almost tripled during the previous 15 years, creating a public-health disaster. The software was used by tens of thousands of doctors’ offices.”

Source : In secret deal with drugmaker, health-records tool pushed opioids – Los Angeles Times

«According to Richard Burr, chair of the US Senate intelligence committee, Russian troll accounts on Facebook managed to organise both a protest and a counter-protest in Houston, in May 2016. Americans are perfectly willing to face off against each other on the streets, but if you want it to happen more often, make it easy».

Source : Nudging can also be used for dark purposes

Facebook Helped Drive a Voter Registration Surge, Election Officials Say – The New York Times

Facebook Bump

While Facebook could not provide demographic breakdowns of the users who registered, the social network is more popular among female internet users than male users, and the same is true for young users compared with older users, according to 2015 data from the Pew Research Center. Both groups — women and younger adults — tend to lean Democratic.

Source : Facebook Helped Drive a Voter Registration Surge, Election Officials Say – The New York Times

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