“Sonic Pi hasn’t infiltrated classrooms, but it has become a useful tool for experimental composers. That was what drew 29-year-old Melody Loveless, who is classically trained as a percussionist, into the scene. She has been making ethereal, downbeat compositions with code for close to two years now, offloading some of the heavy lifting of rhythm to a set of scripts. That is to say, her arms no longer hold her back. Instead she’s found a new muse in “having my brain sucked into the computer,” she said. “Something about live coding alleviated a lot of stress. If I’m nervous, the computer can stay on, and I can take my time making a decision,” Ms. Loveless said. With percussion, she said, “I had to be on at every measure, I had to be perfect.””

Source : That Music You’re Dancing To? It’s Code – The New York Times