“But an AI bot cannot always distinguish between helpful and hateful content. According to George Washington University’s Ding, after ChatGPT was trained by digesting the 175 billion parameters that inform it, parent company OpenAI still needed to employ several dozen human contractors to teach it not to regurgitate racist and misogynist speech or to give instructions on how to do things like build a bomb. This human-trained version, called InstructGPT, is the framework behind the chat bot. No similar effort has been announced for Baidu’s Ernie Bot or any of the other Chinese projects in the works, Ding said. Even with a robust content management team in place at Baidu, it may not be enough. Zhao, the former Baidu employee, said the company originally dedicated just a handful of engineers to the development of its AI framework. “Baidu’s AI research was slowed by a lack of commitment in a risk-ridden field that promised little return in the short term,” she said.”

Source : China’s chatbots, like Baidu’s Ernie, grapple with tech and censorship – The Washington Post