Netflix Dvd

“Netflix’s signature red envelopes have finally reached their end. After 25 years of sending discs of movies and TV shows to people through the mail, Netflix is discontinuing the DVD subscription business that started it all, the company announced in its Tuesday earnings report.
“There are titles you can’t find elsewhere. Their library was just huge compared to any sort of streaming option,” said Ann Silverthorn, who first started getting DVDs in the mail in 2009. “I really enjoyed being able see the trailers at the beginning of each disc. I would get so many ideas of new old movies that I might like to see and I’d write them down and sure enough, they’d be in their catalogue.”
“I signed up for it on my own as soon as I moved out of my parents’ house. I barely remember when there wasn’t Netflix,” said Wainscott, 38, who isn’t sure what she’ll do now. “Just getting better internet is not an option, and that’s a reality for a lot of people. People who live in big cities don’t always realize that.””

Source : Netflix is ending its DVD-by-mail subscription service – The Washington Post