“The proposed Article 35 of the Military Planning Law gives ANSSI the authority to install “technical markers” — hardware and software enabling the collection of user data on the networks of electronic communications operators and data center operators. This provision would grant ANSSI the authority to install surveillance capabilities in private data centers without due process, posing a grave risk to the civil liberties of both French and global Internet users. This appears to be in conflict not only with EU law but also with the OECD Declaration on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities, which seeks to ensure that “government access should be carried out in a manner that is not excessive in relation to the legitimate aims and in accordance with legal standards of necessity, proportionality, reasonableness and other standards that protect against the risk of misuse and abuse, as set out in and interpreted within the country’s legal framework.””

Source : Concerns over DNS Blocking. June 23, 2023 | by vinton cerf | Jun, 2023 | Medium