“Right to Repair just won in Big Tech’s backyard: California’s Right to Repair Act, Senate Bill 244, has passed the state legislature. The bill—championed by state senator Susan Talamantes Eggman, and cosponsored by iFixit—won overwhelming approval, with a 65–0 vote in the Assembly, following a 38–0 vote in the Senate. The bill has to go back to the Senate for a minor procedural vote, and then it will await the governor’s signature.
This bill stands out from the laws that passed in Minnesota and New York by ensuring that repairs stay possible for longer. Manufacturers are mandated to keep repair materials, ranging from parts and tools to software and documentation, available for extended periods post-production: 3 years for products within the $50-$99.99 price bracket, and 7 years for those priced $100 or above. The bill applies to electronic and appliance products made and sold after July 1, 2021.”

Source : California Just Became the Third State to Pass Electronics Right to Repair | iFixit News